Plant-based hair products are derived from natural sources that do not have animal products. Everybody’s hair is different and we all strive for healthy hair. Unfortunately, commercial hair care products often have harsh chemicals that damage the hair and may irritate the scalp. Using plant-based vegan hair products at home can repair hair damage without causing side effects and they represent a better alternative.

Nutrient-rich ingredients are used in plant-based hair products to nourish and strengthen the hair. Such products can be supplied by specific brands but you can also prepare them at home. Homemade natural hair masks can be easily prepared whenever you want to improve your hair health. Natural hair requires constant care by trying out natural hair treatments that give you the best result. Natural hair care does not have to be expensive, you can find some wonderful recipes that are easy to make at home for maintaining healthy hair. Alternatively, there are a lot of great brands that make vegan hair products. You can check out the Vivnaturelle site for amazing vegan hair products.

Benefits Of Plant-based Hair Products

The benefits of plant-based hair products will be evident in scalp health, hair glow and healthy growth. Making the switch to vegan hair products care routine might take some time to adjust. The benefits of these earth-derived ingredients are enormous. Some popular vegan hair product ingredients include aloe vera, avocado oil, shea butter, etc.

Are vegan products good for your hair?

Yes! Here are its main benefits:

  • Safe and Gentle on the scalp skin 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • No synthetic irritants or chemicals 
  • Enhance the condition of hair and protect its natural oil
  • Ideal for people with sensitive dry scalp

Plant-Based Hair Products at Home

Vegans believe that plant-based living extends beyond their diet to their beauty routines as well. We are lucky today that there are so many cruelty-free and vegan hair products available in shops. In the past, plant-based products were difficult to find, instead, people tried to prepare them at home. 

Types Of Homemade Natural Chemical Free Hair Products

The following five vegan hair products can be made at home quickly and easily with ingredients from the kitchen.

1. Frizz Fighting Banana Mask

Overripe bananas can make a rich and creamy banana hair mask. Flyaway hair can be tamed with this ultra-hydrating mask. 

  • Blend 5 drops of Marula oil with a banana and a spoonful of olive oil.
  • Finger-comb your hair and apply a shower cap to enhance absorption.
  • Rinse in the shower after 20 minutes.
  • You can try this vegan clean and calm shampoo for all hair types.

plant-based hair products at home

2. Deep Cleansing Agave Mask

When your hair strands are built up with a product, they become incredibly dull and dingy. It is possible to create a film on your strands when harsh products and poorly filtered water are used. To solve this issue, use a purifying mask that removes build-up, leaving the hair more healthy and shiny.

  • Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of agave nectar, one and a half tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and one tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Finger-comb your hair from roots to ends after slightly dampening your hair with water.
  • While you sing in the shower, leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Wash thoroughly with warm water afterwards.

3. Rejuvenating Avocado and Banana Mask

The avocado and banana mask is excellent for moisturising your hair and scalp and nurturing heat-damaged or weakened hair strands. In addition, this chemical-free hair recipe is suitable for all hair types, so you can double the recipe and share it with someone. Avocados have many good fats and vitamins that your hair need in order to flourish!

  • Squish one banana, half an avocado (you can use the other half of that avocado to make guacamole!), and a little apple cider vinegar or lemon until smooth.
  • Using a comb, separate your hair to prevent the mask from clumping, and then apply the mask.
  • Leave it on for 30 minutes, then rinse and comb through it.
  • Wash your hair and dry it with a cool towel.

plant-based hair mask with banana and avocado

4. Scalp Soothing Oatmeal Mask

A dry, itchy, or flaky scalp can put your hair health at risk. You can use a scalp massager with this super-hydrating oatmeal mask for extra exfoliation.

  • Combine half a cup of oats with a tablespoon of almond milk and a tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • Mix well and smooth it through your hair. Massage it well and leave for 20 min then wash thoroughly.
  • To add more smoothness to your hair, you can try this wonderful vegan smooth and silk hair conditioner.

5. Mask to Hydrate Overnight

This coconut oil overnight mask takes care of hair health when you need it. While supporting hair growth, it also helps add lustre, shine, and extra softness to the hair.

  • Warm a few tablespoons of coconut oil to melt and easily apply to your hair.
  • Massage into your scalp to stimulate circulation and finger comb through your hair from roots to ends. The hair can be damp or dry for this process.
  • Leave your hair in a braid, or bobby pins, as you sleep.
  • Use a vegan shampoo and conditioner in the morning to remove excess oil and add extra softness to the hair. You can try this carefully formulated vegan hair detoxing and hydrating hair shampoo and conditioner set and also this plant-based shampoo and conditioner set.

plant-based hair mask with coconut oil

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