These days there are so many options for natural soaps, you might be wondering – is olive oil soap good for your skin? We’re about to discuss the various benefits of olive oil for your skin, especially when using cold-pressed olive oil soaps. Consuming olive oil can have great benefits for your health and some data showed its benefits in cancer prevention and decreasing signs of ageing!

Olive oil is extracted from the fruit of the olive tree. The oil is pressed from olives and this makes different types of olive oil. The process used affects the amount of healthy fat and nutrients in the olive oil, as a consequence, this affects the taste. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is cold pressed. This means it’s squeezed from whole olives without using chemicals or heat. This is the best way to extract the oil from olives to protect olive oil health benefits. Refined olive oil is often labelled as “olive oil”. It may be processed with chemicals or made of a mixture of olive oil and other plant oils. This decreases olive oil health benefits.

To see if olive oil soap good for you, let’s take a look first at some of the general benefits of using olive oil for your skin.

Benefits of Olive Oil For Your Skin

Although most research deals with the effects of olive oil on your body through dietary implementation, there are also studies that showcase its benefits to the skin.

1. Post-Sun Damage Treatment

Applying olive oil on the skin, blocks about 20% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. It does this by boosting the skin’s natural sun-blocking proteins. Olive oil also contains a fat called squalene, which exists in the skin’s sebum and is an important protective skin barrier.

One study published in Clinics of Dermatology Journal showcases how applying olive oil to the skin after sun damage can renew skin cells. It even has a repressive effect on sun-induced cancer. Therefore, if you ever find yourself with a sunburn, just grab some virgin olive oil to soothe the skin and prevent further damage.

Olive oil benefits

2. Anti-Ageing

Another great benefit of olive oil for your skin is its anti-ageing properties. It has therapeutic effects that seep into your skin and renew dead skin cells. Also, it includes antioxidants, which can deal with oxidative stress which is linked to skin ageing.

3. Reduces Acne

Virgin olive oil is rich in polyphenols and has anti-inflammatory properties. Diet plays a huge role in the development of acne and the Mediterranean Diet, which is based on the consumption of virgin olive oil and nuts, seems to help with acne. An observational study took place in Nantes Hospital (France) to assess the severity of acne inflammation and the Mediterranean Diet in 40 French women with mild-severe acne. According to the results, adherence to Mediterranean Diet helped significantly with acne severity. Acne management requires a holistic approach by combining dietary and lifestyle changes with medications. More research is needed to confirm the direct benefits of olive oil consumption for the skin, especially for acne management.

anti-inflammatory qualities of olive oil

4. Soothes Eczema And Psoriasis

The anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil can help soothe the skin and reduce itchiness, redness and dryness. According to research, olive oil is a successful treatment and can become an alternative approach to chemical-based treatments. Research studies need to examine olive oil benefits thoroughly to make clear conclusions about the healing properties of olive oil.

5. Moisturising Effect

Applying olive oil has a great moisturising effects. It helps dry skin regain its hydration and relieves any kind of irritation related to skin dryness. You can apply some to your face or your body and watch how your skin becomes softer and smoother.

Soaps With Olive Oil 

You can use soaps with olive oil to clean the face and the body. As we discussed earlier, olive oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, an important factor to maintain healthy skin. Olive oil soap includes natural moisturisers that can heal skin dryness, especially during winter when our skin needs more hydration. It can moisturise the skin without leaving it oily. Olive oil soap made of natural ingredients is a great daily cleanser you can add to your skincare routine!

1. Manuka Honey & Oat Milk Soap With Olive Oil

manuka honey soap bar with olive oil

While we’ve already discussed the many benefits of olive oil, you can choose a soap bar with multiple benefits. For example, this manuka honey and oat milk soap will keep your skin clean and hydrated and relieves skin irritation. In addition, oat milk is full of vitamin B and will moisturise your skin.

2. Coconut Milk & Lavender Soap With Olive Oil

coconut soap with olive oil

Organic coconut milk has all the properties to leave your skin soft and smooth. In addition, lavender is known for its aromatic benefits which help you relax. The natural ingredients ensure that this Coconut Milk & Lavender Soap is suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Activated Charcoal, Molasses & Carob Soap With Olive Oil

charcoal soap with olive oil

Activated charcoal will ensure effective cleansing of your skin. It has antibacterial properties and improves the overall complexion of your skin. This Activated Charcoal, Molasses & Carob soap will leave your skin moisturised and well hydrated.

4. 3 Luxury Cold Pressed Soap Bars With Olive Oil

Olive oil soap set

If you can’t decide what scent or ingredients you’d like in your soap, order a bundle! This Set of 3 Luxury Soaps has a whole bunch of ingredients that have moisturising properties, such as organic honey, shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. To make your experience even more enjoyable, they are full of natural essential oils that are kind to your skin. For example, one of the soaps has lavender and frankincense oils, while the other soap bar has rosewood and bergamot.

In Conclusion

Now you have a better idea of how olive oil helps maintain your skin. It is clear that olive oil has multiple benefits for your skin including healing properties for sun-damaged skin, anti-ageing properties and soothing irritated skin. If you aren’t already using soaps or creams with olive oil, you may want to consider starting to use them. It may become your new favourite skincare ingredient!

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