We all want to look young for as long as possible, so you may want to know how to reduce fine lines under the eyes. Eyes are the window to our soul, one of the first things people notice about us. Whatever age you are, you may be bothered by under-eye lines but you don’t have to be! There are multiple things you can do to improve the look of them, and several lifestyle changes that would improve the overall look of your skin. There are also a few common factors that contribute to the deterioration of the skin. Let’s have a look at how to reduce fine lines under the eyes.

Top 3 Reasons For Fine Lines Under Eyes

Having these in mind, you could minimise the damage to your skin.

1. Sun Damage

It is no secret that the sun can cause severe damage to the skin. Photoaging creates pigmentation and reduces collagen levels and this creates fine lines. Make sure you apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going outside and keep reapplying it every 2 hours. This is especially important during hot, sunny days. Also remember to wear a hat and sunglasses to further protect the delicate skin on your face, especially under the eyes. It is important to note that the sun can also be damaging all year round, even when it’s cloudy. If you wear makeup, some foundations include SPF and could be a great alternative. Although we’d still recommend applying a layer of sunscreen even underneath the makeup and the primer if you use one. 

reason for fine lines under eyes

2. Smoking Increases Fine Lines Under Eyes

We all know that smoking is bad, but perhaps you’ve been struggling to find a reason that’s strong enough to make you want to quit. How about the appearance of your skin? Smoking reduces moisture and production of collagen as stated in The International Journal of Dermatology. This has long-term effects on your skin’s elasticity and results in the early appearance of wrinkles. While it is most noticeable around the mouth area, it affects your whole face including your eyes.

3. Lack Of Sleep And Wrong Sleep Position

 Did you know that wrinkles can form because of the way you sleep? A study published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal analysed that. Sleeping on the side or the stomach, facial skin is subject to shear. It can be hard to relearn sleep positions or feel comfortable in a new position, but it seems to be worth it to protect your skin. You might not even realise just how much you are stretching and pulling your facial skin while sleeping in various positions. Turns out scientists can point out exact wrinkles caused by sleeping on the side or the stomach. They can appear around your eyebrows, your nose, and your cheeks. These are easily distinguishable from wrinkles created by facial expressions. Therefore, it’s recommended to sleep on your back but discuss with your doctor if you suffer from snoring, sleep apnea or gastroesophageal reflux.

According to the Clinical and Experimental Dermatology Journal, sleep quality plays an important part in skin health. You need to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. However, if you want healthy skin, and to be healthy overall, you should prioritise getting quality sleep. 

How To Treat Fine Lines Under Eyes

Now that we’ve looked at the don’ts, let’s look at the dos. There are various steps you can incorporate into your everyday life to improve your overall health and the appearance of your skin to improve the fine lines under the eyes.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

It may seem easier said than done, but you should pay attention to what you eat if you want healthy skin. While everyone has different ideas of what a healthy diet looks like, we’ll share a few specific ingredients that could improve your skin as stated in an article published in Skin Therapy Letter. For starters, you should focus on food and drinks that are rich in antioxidants. One simple change you could make is to start drinking green tea. If you’re not a fan of green tea, you could try white tea or cocoa. If you like fruits, pomegranate and berries works wonders as antioxidants. Try to consume food that’s rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and selenium which are great to protect the skin from damage.

Inflammation leads to skin damage too, therefore, consuming anti-inflammatory phytochemicals is great for skin health. You can find them in ginger, garlic, onions, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Also consider eating food that’s rich in vitamin D, omega-3 and flavones.

fruits that are antioxidants

In addition, foods that are high in fibre can also have a great impact on your skin by enhancing your gut health and microbiome. That’s why fruits and vegetables are great for you. So don’t forget your 5 a day!

2. Give Up Bad Habits

We already mentioned the harm of smoking to your skin. Alcohol can have similar effects. The sooner you start focusing on your overall health, the quicker you’ll notice positive results in your skin appearance. It’s almost pointless to spend lots of money on skincare if you are destroying your body from the inside. However, we realise how difficult it can be to give up bad habits. There are various resources available to help you quit bad habits, depending on where you are based. This is not just a call for your skin health but to protect yourself from internal damage that leads to various diseases and decreases your quality of life.

3. Improve Your Sleep Quality

Overall good sleep hygiene is important for skin health, especially under the eyes. That includes avoiding electronics an hour before going to sleep, allowing your mind to relax. You should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep and ideally go to bed before 11 pm. If you are struggling to fall asleep, we recommend trying out aromatherapy, such as Lavender Sleep Oil that you can add to your diffuser as you are getting ready for sleep. It is scientifically proven that lavender has relaxing effects to promote sleep onset and duration. There are other lavender products that you could try out, such as a roll-on for your pulse points, bath oil or bath salts. It isn’t difficult to incorporate sleep hygiene and aromatherapy into your daily routine which will have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep.

4. Use Skincare Products That Improve Skin’s Elasticity

There are a few ingredients that you should keep in mind when trying to fight fine lines under the eyes. Here is a list of our favourites:

Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases the production of collagen. Collagen is a protein that holds our skin together. Therefore, by applying products with vitamin C, you will improve the overall elasticity of your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a superstar ingredient when it comes to hydration. Because of all the moisture it retains, it is ideal to apply it before other serums and creams. It will help your skin better absorb the ingredients and moisture to keep the skin healthy. If you’re looking for a product to use, we’d recommend this natural hydrating serum. It can be used in the morning and evening after you’ve cleansed your face to soak up the moisture and help your skin make better use of all the other products you will use afterwards.

how to reduce fine lines under eyes


Retinol has recently become popular because of its ability to reduce signs of ageing. It also helps to fight hyperpigmentation and fine lines under the eyes. We would recommend these under-eye patches with vitamin C. It will promote the production of collagen in your skin while soothing the sensitive skin under your eyes.

how to reduce fine lines under eyes


Peptides are another ingredient that is very efficient in battling signs of photoaging and improving chronically aged skin. You could get a serum or a moisturiser with peptides. You can read more about peptides in this research published by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science.

Eye cream

To seal in all the moisture and benefits of other serums, don’t forget to apply some moisturising cream. There are various options available, and one of the key ingredients you should look out for is caffeine. Caffeine helps to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles and improves the overall look of your under-eye area. It will also target and reduce fine lines under the eyes.

5. Cosmetic Procedures

If you’ve tried all of the above and haven’t noticed any difference, or simply want faster results, there are a few options for cosmetic procedures to choose from.


Microneedling, as described in the Experimental Dermatology Journal, is a procedure that pierces your skin with a microneedle. By piercing the outer layer of the skin, it responds by creating new skin cells and stimulating collagen and elastin production. During this procedure, hyaluronic acid and peptides might also be used to permeate your skin. This rejuvenates and moisturises the skin. After this procedure, your skin will be very sensitive to the sun for a few days and you won’t be able to apply makeup. However, the results are noticeable and might be worth a bit of pain.

how microneedling works

Laser Procedures

Fractional lasers in particular work similarly to microneedling. They pierce the skin and therefore stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. You can find a local beauty clinic and explore the options there. Having a consultation could help you decide among various options.


Botox works best as a preventative measure and can be quite expensive. It works by disabling your muscles from contracting. As we know, most wrinkles appear because of our facial expressions. If you can’t move certain muscles in your face, that will stop you from getting fine lines there. If you are young and want to get ahead of signs of ageing, you could consider going down this route. It is important to remember that Botox has to be reinjected every 3 to 4 months.

how botox works


The use of filler is on the rise and could be your solution. It is hyaluronic acid injected into your fine lines that makes them disappear. However, this procedure also has to be repeated and can become quite expensive.

how to reduce fine lines under eyes

Final Thoughts

We all want to know how to reduce fine lines under the eyes and how to have a youthful appearance for as long as possible. As we’ve discussed in this article, there are various things you can do to ensure that. Start by improving your lifestyle and taking better care of yourself from within by improving your sleep quality, eating healthy and getting rid of bad habits. Then you can invest in skincare products or procedures that will help you achieve your desired look. We hope you found this article helpful!

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