Have you ever wondered how to exfoliate your lips with scrubs? Well, wonder no more because this piece is about to unveil the tricks behind this exfoliation. The lips comprise soft pliable structures that are covered with skin. The tissue covering the lips is similar to that covering the skin. Thus, they often form flakes and dry dead skin layers that need to be removed. Exfoliation using scrubs or other means can help to remove these layers.

Flaky lips are problematic. It prevents the penetration of hydrating products and makeup products and can even hurt sometimes. This withering of the lips can happen anytime, not necessarily during winter or extreme dry seasons. Once you notice your lips tearing up more frequently than usual, that calls for lips exfoliation. Lip scrubbing is an important aspect of the skincare routine that should not be skipped. Once a week, exfoliate the lips to keep them tender, soft, fresh, and plump.

The Benefits of Lip Exfoliation with Scrubs

Routine lip care should include consistent exfoliation of the lips using scrubs. There are several benefits of consistently maintaining the lips. Besides the more appealing look, here are some of the other benefits of exfoliating your lips with scrubs.

How Do You Exfoliate Your Lips With Scrubs?

1. Alleviates chapped lips

Incessant dry and flaky lips can be difficult to manage using only lip gloss. When you exfoliate your lips with scrubs regularly, you have a better chance of managing flaky lips. Exfoliation helps manage the removal of dry and dead skin cells. Thus, allowing the growth of fresh skin cells. So, if you experience frequent dry lips all year round, better start considering exfoliation with scrubs. You can check out some of the top vegan lip scrubs available here. Lip balms for eczema are also available.

2. Makes lips smooth and soft

Ever admired the soft, smooth, and plump lips of someone? Well, it does not happen by accident or by miracle. It is often a product of a careful and consistent lip care routine. When you exfoliate your lips with scrubs, the cracks and grooves will vanish. Thus, leaving the lips feeling smooth and looking fresh. The application of lipsticks and other makeup products becomes easy and seamless.

3. Makes the lips appear full

To make your lips always look full and smooth, remove the dead cells. The collagen in the lips declines as you age, thus making them look less plump. Exfoliation can help stimulate blood flow and circulation, which can spur collagen production. This makes your lips full again.

4. Prevents lips dehydration

When you exfoliate your lips with scrubs, you even out the rough surfaces, which often cause bleeding and soreness. This will help prevent lip dehydration, which is a cause of lip dryness. Additionally, exfoliation can help to even the tone of the lips, therefore minimizing discolouration.

How to Exfoliate Your Lips with Scrubs

Knowing how to exfoliate your lips with scrubs is a good, handy skill. Not only is it easy to sustain, but the items necessary are readily available. With these simple steps, you could transform your lip care.

Firstly, clean your lips to rid them of any balm or makeup. Make sure the lips are clean and dry before starting.

Next, get your exfoliant or scrub, such as Lip Scrubber that comes with this Natural Watermelon Lip balm & Scrub Gift Set. It is purely vegan and safe to use on all adult lips. Apply a pea size on your lips.

In a circular motion, gently rub the Lip Scrubber on the lips for about a minute. Do not scrub too hard or excessively exfoliate. The lip skin is very delicate and as such does not do well with aggressive rubbing.

Using lukewarm water, rinse off the Lip Scrubber. You can apply the Natural Watermelon Lip balm or any other balm from Vivnaturelle. Repeat this once a week for a better and more consistent result.

How Do You Exfoliate Your Lips With Scrubs?

Expert Tips For Exfoliating Your Lips with Scrubs

Remember these tips when you exfoliate your lips using scrubs:

1. Always be gentle with your lips

The lips are very sensitive; they do not need strong and aggressive scrubs. You can use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub in a circular motion for only a minute. Do this to avoid hurting the skin in the process.

2. Avoid excessive exfoliation

Once-a-week practice is perfect for the lips. Do not over-exfoliate, it will harm the lips. For best results, stick to a once-a-week routine.

3. Cover up after exfoliating

Exfoliation leaves the skin of the lips exposed; you need to cover that fresh skin with a lip balm or gloss to hydrate the lips. You can apply any of the lip balms from this store.

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